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We live the way we breathe.

October 11, 2019

It is said we live our lives the same way we breathe. Check out the list below to see which type of breathing you relate to most. 


  1. Breath holder= Inhale, never letting go exhale, or breath holding for long moments in-between. This type of breather can be seen as a nervous, excited or anxious person. They will have a tendency to take things in but have a hard time letting them go. They could be afraid of the vulnerability that comes with letting go or letting things in. 


  1. Quick breather= This type of person will appear to be anxious, unfocused and un-engaged. Constantly in motion but going no where. Fast talker, distracted and quickly agitated. May have a hard time connecting to others, sitting still or focusing. 


  1. Unstable breathing= This type of breather can be moody, unstable, and unpredictable. You never know what your going to get. Sometimes happy, other times sad, angry, curious, or frustrated. They may have a hard time making friends and relating to others. This could cause feelings of isolation and or preference to be alone.


  1. Slow Breather=may stop breathing, breathe slow or unconsciously. May also hold the breath sometimes.  


  1. Balanced Breather=Has a long inhale and equally long exhale. This type of breather takes life in as slowly as they let it out. They may be seen as someone who is balanced and peaceful. Generally not quick to react, seen as a thoughtful and stable person. 




We all have had experience with each of these breathing types at different times in our lives. Sometimes we feel unstable, afraid of being vulnerable, unfocused, isolated or sad. Other times we are in balance, feel peaceful, joyful and calm. 


The question is how do you breathe but maybe we should also ask how do you want to breathe?


*Do this exercise with yourself first and then take the breath test with your kids. See if you can get them to notice a difference in their focus when they take time to change their breath. 


After taking the breath quiz and discovering what type of breather you are, ask yourself how this can relate to how you relate in the world.


 If you don’t like the pattern, try changing your breath. Keep trying until you find a breath pattern that suits you. Now imagine if you were breathing like this all the time, would it resonate with the way you want to be in life. 


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