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At Awesome Kids Yoga children will explore ways to take a more mindful approach to their world. Our classes teach traditional yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques in a fun and playful way, while conveying important lessons in self-awareness, self-control, self-esteem, social skills and positive thinking. Each class begins with a group discussion and yoga practice customized to a daily theme. We practice both active and passive poses, helping children find this balance in class can sometimes flow into the other areas of their lives out side of class.

Awesome Kids Yoga refers to the zone of proximal development concept, of play-based learning. In this concept children use activities of their own creation to support past learning which encourages new learning at a slightly more difficult level. With this learning theory social engagement and collaboration with others are the very thing that transform a child’s thinking. 

What does this look like in class?  

It looks like a party! We Play games, tell stories and let our imagination guide us through the poses. Our theory is that the learning is solidified when they act out or teach these poses and games to their parents and siblings, at home or with friends outside of class. They are doing this from their own creation which is how the learning evolves. 

 All of our games and in class activities draw from our collective mindfulness training and individual experiences. Each one of our teachers has training in teaching mindfulness to children and all of us are certified and registered yoga instructors. 

Awesome Kids Yoga


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