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Awesome Kids Yoga is a group of yoga teachers committed to bringing yoga and mindfulness to children in a fun and simple way. All of our teachers are certified yoga instructors, and have various experience

working with children and/or have children of their own. Together we are committed to bringing yoga and mindfulness to children in our community and beyond. You can read about each teachers unique

teaching style and the personality they bring to the class. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Awesome Kids Yoga teacher & teaching a class of your own.



           instructor/owner/teacher trainer 

Wether your child is an experienced yogi or taking a class for the first time Daina is the perfect teacher to help your little one explore yoga in a fun and simple way. She loves to play and is known for allowing her creative imagination to take her class on a yoga journey. With her story telling teaching style your yogi will be opened up to a new world of possibilities. Using fun poses and mindfulness activities to teach important life lessons in a way your child has probably not experienced before.

When Daina is not teaching yoga you'll find her out and about the community volunteering, walking her dog or hanging with her kids somewhere in Mill Valley, be sure to say hi if you see her!




Looking for a gentle, grounded, gifted teacher to help your yogi learn more about yoga? Blair is the teacher for you, she is creative, innovative and kind. In her classes your yogi will learn not only the asana but also take a deeper exploration into the philosophy behind yoga, through metaphors, art and poses. What ever the age Blair will guide your yogi through asanas and yoga philosophy setting them up for success both in and out of class.

When Blair is not teaching yoga you'll find her emerged in an art project, painting something fabulous or walking her dogs on the beach. We are lucky to have Blair on our team and can't wait for you to meet her! 

lindsy photo.jpeg



Yoga has been a large part of Lindsay’s life for a long time, she sees and wants to share all the benefits with her students. Lindsay is very loving and kind and has a unique way of sprinkling her class with a bit of humor. She believes yoga is becoming an essential resource for kids to navigate their increasingly stressful world, and feels the earlier they are introduced to yoga the better chance that they will make it part of their adult life. Meditation has become an important  element in Lindsays own daily practice and she has a creative way of  folding this into her teachings. We love this about Lindsay and feel lucky to have her as one of our after-school teachers. It is a pleasure to see the joy she gets from encouraging children along their path of yoga and we know you will fee the same way! 

When Lindsay is not teaching you’ll find her traveling somewhere fabulous or enjoying time with one or all 3 of her children and their family dog Kona.




Molly is the perfect teacher for our after-school classes because she likes to move, move, move. She has a special way of using her breath to ground and calm herself and does a great job of teaching the class how to do the same. Molly is fun and active and enjoys working with kids because they allow her the space to be in the present moment. She is very nurturing and outgoing and enjoys connecting with others and getting to know them. Even better if she can help them in any way…


We are lucky to have Molly working with us and can’t wait for you and your little one to meet her! When not teaching in school or studio, she’s taken to the waters and can be found afloat, teaching with OnBoard SUP yoga in Richardson Bay, or out and about with her 2 boys and their adorable little puppy Rocky. 

Contact us today to find out how you can become a AWESOME KIDS YOGA teacher!

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