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The importance of having fun

Having fun is an important part of being a kid it comes so natural to children, its a part of who they are. I am often saying the kids are my teachers more then I am theirs. Today my lesson is learning to have FUN. Not the kind of adult fun but the kind of fun kids have.

Is that even possible?

As adults there is a lot going on, we are all very busy theses days and there is little time for play. I often find my self rushing from one thing to the next, teaching a class, managing my kids schedule, driving to practice, checking emails, writing blog post, grocery shopping, meal prep, laundry lunches etc.. I make a list every day to keep my self organized and one thing that never makes the list is FUN. I recently asked my self why? Why doesn't fun make the list. Well I simply don't have time for it. There are to many other important things to do then fun. Can you relate?

When working with kids there is not other option they are fun by nature. When I can let go and be in the moment with them I am drawn into their world and everything we do becomes fun. Dancing, breathing, talking, even the poses we practice in class have are fun. Its like practicing mindfulness in a way.

Let your challenge today to be to have fun, not forcefully but when the opportunity arises allow it to exist and see what happens.

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